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Soul's Purpose Deck

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Image of Soul's Purpose Deck
  • Image of Soul's Purpose Deck
  • Image of Soul's Purpose Deck
  • Image of Soul's Purpose Deck
  • Image of Soul's Purpose Deck

This is no ordinary deck and book therefore when purchasing I have set up a virtual room for us to discuss the Soul's Journey so that you may better understand the knowledge and transformational changes which will come through the use of this deck personally or professionally.

12 Cards denoting significant areas of the Soul's Journey and experiences in this lifetime. The book gives several layout and other uses for the cards for general purpose readings, daily messages and guidance.. (the price is only an estimate at present and will change to reflect the deck and books release on the 22nd of September)

Soul’s Purpose Readings

I listened to my promptings from my own Soul Purpose Reading and found not only did I rediscover a lot of my life lesson I found direction, healing and solutions.

This reading encouraged my gift to bring out the knowledge and show others there is an answer or a key to your journey here on the earth plane. We may not all be builders, or retailers or parents but we do have a purpose, our own very special purpose.

We may be great at relationships or disastrous, same with money, plans or personal confidences. We may endure endless disappointments or heighten areas of success. The lessons or experiences contribute greatly to our foundations of our soul’s purpose in this lifetime.

This reading’s design is to give you an insight into your life lessons, journey and growth of your soul agreements before entering this earth plane.

Each card chosen depicts and area in which you will find a strong identification or recognition to the Soul's Journey. Have you ever wondered what your purpose is? What you are drawn to follow or learn?