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Known as One of Australia's Most Giving Clairvoyants who has built a 30 year reputation for being ethical, well trusted and respected as a teacher in my modalities and as a naturally gifted clairvoyant.
Accomplished Author and creator of several decks, Tarot Card reading/teaching and Clairvoyant Readings

1997 - 2000 Sydney Mind Body and Soul Festivals since 1998, Melbourne Mind Body and...Soul Festivals since 2009 and Brisbane Mind Body and Soul Festivals since 2010. Traveled extensively throughout NSW and ACT with Gary Wiseman and Psychic Fairs

1999 - 2000 Live talk-back radio show ” Carolyn’s Cosmos” on 105-1 2GZ Fm in Orange NSW

2012 - present I write for several small magazines and have articles that have been published throughout other media forms.

2011 Psychic TV Australia for the duration of the pilot 6 weeks completing a massive 16 shows in 6 weeks. Rarely I get the chance to return due to other obligations.

2013 I had the pleasure of being a part of Theme Cruises Australia - Psychic Unleashed on board the Pacific Dawn and delivering 3 exclusive shows to live audiences. 2013 seen the relaunch of the Tarot 1 workshops, along with the design and publishing of my first set of Tarot cards called Carolyn's Tarot Deck.

2014 I have started the year with several new decks being released - The playing card deck called Definitive Destinies and a predictive affirmations deck called The Then, Now & Future Deck . There are several other projects still forming. I have also authored several books.

2014 I designed a mentoring program and also took the initiative to set up a second business called The Ideas Gal - The idea of this project is to bring together my expertise in a small business and mentoring other small businesses to assist in creating a successful business that will grow. I have also extended the concept of The Ideas Gal to also cater for products, logos and other essential marketing that is important to capture the right audience for your business.

2014 Guest writer for several metaphyiscal and spiritual magazines

2015 - Released authored works to Kindle (Amazon.com .au ) and several new course structures.

I travel throughout Australia every year and i am hoping to secure more media work with the success of my YouTube Channel and popularity on FB it feels a natural progression to take the next big leap in my career aspirations and spiritual work
Special thanks to Casey Barnes who is the writer and artist of " The Light" song which is being use to promote the Tour. www.caseybarnes.com.au

2016 - Authored Messages and Beyond a compilation of many beautiful readings from those no longer with us. I am also touring with my new show called Messages and Beyond working with live audiences.
Professional Portfolio: I have pioneered my own private business since 1995 and have a well established client base throughout Australia, UK, USA, New Zealand and Dubai via private readings, phone, Skype and email readings, social media and personal referrals. Qualifications

2017 - I have released several new books and decks and travel with a new design of Psychic Dinners and Workshops

A Qualified Meridian Psychotherapist (EFT)2002 Dip M Psy, Qualified Clinical Nutritionist, 2003 Dip C.N.C , Qualified Stress Management Counselor ,2003 ,Dip S.M.C , Bach Flower Essences 2002 , Dip F. Ess
2010 attained the Training and Assessment Cert IV.
Certificates of Achievement and Attainment in Counseling. Personal Accomplishments

I have devised courses and taught, Tarot for Beginners,Tarot Advanced, Numerology, Karmic Astrology, Positive Relationship Building, How to Tap into your Intuition, Crystal Therapies for the self and home, Colours and Well being and Automatic Writing and Connecting with your guides. Released several decks and books that can be sourced through my Online Store or via www.lulu.com/spotlight/carolynclairvoyant

I would like the chance to do more media work possibly involving reality, documentaries and guest appearances.
​ Contact details: Mobile 0422143805

Skype: Carolyn Flynn or carolyn-clairvoyant